Monday, April 3, 2017

Self running voltage is 2.1V with 100uF capacitor

I checked the self running voltage of wireless module TWE-L-DI-P with 100uF capacitor. I varied Vcc voltage by variable constant voltage regulator.

I monitored whether to be running or not by consumption current  measured by DMM PC510. The TWE-Lite consumes 18mA on default mode. Decreasing the supply voltage, the consumption becomes zero. The decreasing 2.0V is voltage not to run. But it cannot restart when it turns off.

When the restart voltage is 2.1V,  it runs. The specification voltage is 2.3V, however. The difference 0.2V may be effect of the capacitor.

I also monitored pin Tx voltage by DSO. It follows power supply voltage. I used to monitor their voltages by cursor mode 500mV/div, 1ms/div range.

TWELITE DIPアンテナバリエーション

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