Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The sun radiation effects outdoor air temperature

01Ar temperature changed like saw shape in the morning yesterday . My wireless sensors also have photo-cells. The varying temperature was caused by the sun radiation, I show the chart.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Deteriorated NiCd charging current recovery

I charged deteriorated NiCd batteries dissipated by GE digital camer A1455. 200mA flew in the both batteries.

They were 115 and 60mA each, I charged them on Oct 27 the last time. I found that the charger circuit might not work well then.

I show the charging currents this time. The initial currents were alternative. 

The CH1 wave form was 0 to 188mA, 188 to 324mA, and 0 to drop. The mean value is 200mA. The frequency was 22Hz. It lasted 10 minutes.

The CH2 was normal rectangular shape at 40Hz. The duty of on/off was 15/8.6ms.  It lasted 15 minutes.

Good charger can charge even deteriorating batteries, I think. One has to confirm that a charger can charge deteriorating batteries or not. But to confirm it, one has to prepare deteriorated sample at first.

Daily room and outdoor temperature change Nov26

Friday, November 25, 2016

GE A1455 camera dissipated NiMH Toshiba 2000mAh. I charged them by my charger. The initial charging current exceeded more than 200mA.

CH2(E4) flew in a rectangular shape at 34Hz. While CH1(E3) flew in strange steps, 0 to 280mA, down 100mA and to 0 at the same frequency 34Hz. I had better improve 2SK1290 gate drive circuit as CH2.

Daily room and outdoor temperature change

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Deteriorated NiCd battery for wireless XBee power suppy

#03 BAT has also dropped. I measured the individual battery voltage by DMM PC510 at 21:02 Nov 23.
NiCd1: 1.253V
NiCd2: 0.049V

The dropping chart is shown as below.

The both batteries duration term is  16/10/26 16:15 through 16/11/23 21:00. The duration time was 28 days 4 hours 45 minutes. NiCd2 might be deteriorated, but the CH2 circuit of my charger was not improved then.

I tried charging these ones, and show the charging current chart.

The initial charging current of NiCd2 is 50mA only in spite of empty. I set NiCd1 in the CH2 battery holder after 0 am. And the charging current exceeded 70mA at instant, but stopped charging at once.

I will not use NiCd2 for wireless XBee power supply. I also confirmed that the charged pair of NiCd1 and NiCd2 did not start GE digital camera A1455.

Daily room and outdoor temperature change Nov23

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

#02 BAT work time and the charging current

As #02 BAT voltage gets down, I measured each voltage by DMM.

E21: 1.011V
E22: 1.039V

They worked #02 17:45 Aug28 through 10:30 Nov22 during 85 days 16 hours 45 minutes.

I am surprised that the charging currents were less 100mA, when I began charging them.

The CH1 charging current hardly flew. I had better improve the CH1 circuit as well as CH2.

I took off E22 from the CH2 BAT holder after the current was less than 50mA. The E21 charging time was one fourth of E22. It seems that this pair of E21 and E22 deteriorates harder than another pair of the same Eneloop E11 and E12.

Daily room and outdoor temperature change Nov22

Now I have changed #02 for #03, #03 is indoor. The sharp drop of 02Lq occurred, when changing the #02 batteries.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Air-cleaner on cabinet circulates low temperature air

I moved a small cabinet under the desk. The cabinet makes screen. I put air-cleaner on it.

Monday, November 14, 2016

-0.65m height room temperature is lower than 7°C standard height

-0.65m height room temperature is lower than 7°C standard height 1.1m, when the fan heater is on.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Though the ceiling temperature is comparatively static, +0.65m higher position air temperature always varies by heater on/off.

Friday, November 11, 2016

02Lq sensor moved from floor to ceiling at 2 am today.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

The pull-up does not work?

My charger charged 950mA NiMH Eneloop, when GE A1455 dissipated them. But one has not been fed at all as shown the chart.

DSO showed CH1:171mA and CH2:52mA each, when the batteries were on at first. The charging current wave includes much noise. Because this one has high charging terminal voltage, I think. And AVR does not run any signal processing like DSO averaging.

So I enforced to discharge it by my discharger. The discharging lasted 43 minutes. It shows that battery 11 has a capacity to drive my wireless sensor, although initial inrush charging current is 60mA only.

I began charging #11 again. The initial charging current increased, but low charging current includes much noise as before. I reset #11 to CH1. The current increased twice 100mA. I have recorded the data for 8 hours, but Windows 10 Anniversary began to rest abruptly, because my PC sleeps everyday. Alas! I cannot show the data. I checked default maintenance off.

I think that the pull-up circuit for 2SK1290 does not work well.

  • Increase pull-up transistor 2SC1815 base current 10 times
  • Increase 2SK1290 inrush current 2.2 times
  • Add a capacitor suppressing DIF amp oscillation off battery

Low level current flew as shown in the chart. But noise is big. DSO shows the noise as follows,

CH1: 5.6mVpp
CH2: 17.6mVpp
Acquire: 64 averaging, 20mV/div, 2.5ms/div

LM324 has little 5mA sink current. It is not fit to apply for driving FET. Though the pull-up generates much noise, it can measure deteriorated low level charging current.

Rainy daily temperature change chart

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The gold crest was slanted again. I tried restoring upright. I looked for bamboo at a DIY shop near by. The shop doesn't sell such bamboo. I thought a very old broom with bamboo rod.

I cut it down 3 parts easily by saw. The rod dried up completely.

I fixed them as below. But the two piles loosened the next day. They were too short to support because of soft ground.

Daily temperature change chart 11/07/2016

Monday, November 7, 2016

2000mAh NiMH charging currents

The pull-up CH1 circuit inflew 250mA peak to peak for 10 minutes. The alternative current was 27Hz  off 10ms.

My application Slip21 got the chart data .

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Slanted crest by a typhoon

A gold crest was slanted by a typhoon.

A look at 90°

I restored.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Upload a Temp report once in 5m

I have been uploading a temperature report once in 5 minutes for a day. The site enokie.web.fc2.com shows the reports.

But my application Slip21 could not update the measurement result. My uploading server showed a pop-up message. Another one showed in the status bar. It said, "Too few virtual memory minimum size" in Japanese. So Slip21 could not record 6:30 through 8:15.

So I have begun writing down the PF usage today. Windows XP Task Manager tells the amount.

09:54 488MB
13:17 278MB
16:05 671MB
18:30 292MB
20:23 326MB
00:55 326MB

The values are one or two level only in the bar indicator. I have just added 'bye' command in ftp command text file. Is 'bye' much effective? Windows Task Scheduler runs a ftp BAT file.

By the way, I have tried FTPbox uploading a simple text file, but it does not work. Tell me any information, if you run FTPbox well.