Thursday, November 24, 2016

Deteriorated NiCd battery for wireless XBee power suppy

#03 BAT has also dropped. I measured the individual battery voltage by DMM PC510 at 21:02 Nov 23.
NiCd1: 1.253V
NiCd2: 0.049V

The dropping chart is shown as below.

The both batteries duration term is  16/10/26 16:15 through 16/11/23 21:00. The duration time was 28 days 4 hours 45 minutes. NiCd2 might be deteriorated, but the CH2 circuit of my charger was not improved then.

I tried charging these ones, and show the charging current chart.

The initial charging current of NiCd2 is 50mA only in spite of empty. I set NiCd1 in the CH2 battery holder after 0 am. And the charging current exceeded 70mA at instant, but stopped charging at once.

I will not use NiCd2 for wireless XBee power supply. I also confirmed that the charged pair of NiCd1 and NiCd2 did not start GE digital camera A1455.

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