Saturday, November 5, 2016

Upload a Temp report once in 5m

I have been uploading a temperature report once in 5 minutes for a day. The site shows the reports.

But my application Slip21 could not update the measurement result. My uploading server showed a pop-up message. Another one showed in the status bar. It said, "Too few virtual memory minimum size" in Japanese. So Slip21 could not record 6:30 through 8:15.

So I have begun writing down the PF usage today. Windows XP Task Manager tells the amount.

09:54 488MB
13:17 278MB
16:05 671MB
18:30 292MB
20:23 326MB
00:55 326MB

The values are one or two level only in the bar indicator. I have just added 'bye' command in ftp command text file. Is 'bye' much effective? Windows Task Scheduler runs a ftp BAT file.

By the way, I have tried FTPbox uploading a simple text file, but it does not work. Tell me any information, if you run FTPbox well.

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