Sunday, November 27, 2016

Deteriorated NiCd charging current recovery

I charged deteriorated NiCd batteries dissipated by GE digital camer A1455. 200mA flew in the both batteries.

They were 115 and 60mA each, I charged them on Oct 27 the last time. I found that the charger circuit might not work well then.

I show the charging currents this time. The initial currents were alternative. 

The CH1 wave form was 0 to 188mA, 188 to 324mA, and 0 to drop. The mean value is 200mA. The frequency was 22Hz. It lasted 10 minutes.

The CH2 was normal rectangular shape at 40Hz. The duty of on/off was 15/8.6ms.  It lasted 15 minutes.

Good charger can charge even deteriorating batteries, I think. One has to confirm that a charger can charge deteriorating batteries or not. But to confirm it, one has to prepare deteriorated sample at first.

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